Mechanical Dial Lock Not Working

Mechanical dial locks are very reliable; however, sometimes a mechanical dial lock will start to become difficult to open. This can occur is the dial is bumped too hard, or through wear over time. (Tip: do not spin the dial too fast, as it causes wear on the internals).

If your dial starts to not open reliably, try changing the last number by increasing it by 1/2 a digit. If that doesn't work, try the same thing, but increase the number by 1 digit. Continue doing this up to 2 digits from the original combination. If that doesn't work, try decreasing the last number in 1/2 digit increments up to 2 digits less than the original number. If that works, as long as the number does not continue to drift, you can just use the new code. If the code continues to drift, call support before a more serious issue arises and the safe needs to be drilled open.