Heavy Duty Front Load Depository Safe (30"h x 20"w x 20"d)

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This Heavy Duty version of this size safe has 1/4" thick steel walls on all sides, with a 1/2" thick steel door. B-Rate safes traditionally had 3/16" thick walls, but over time, because so many people were more concerned about cost than quality, most manufacturers have thinned out the walls to cut costs. So, for those who want security over saving a few bucks, we offer our Heavy Duty line of safes, which are even thicker than 3/16". Our proprietary commercial design is very resistant to pry attack, and you can choose whichever lock works best for your application.

This model safe fits under the counters in many typical business designs. The mailbox style drop allows users to drop large envelopes into the safe without opening any doors. The envelope falls into the top chamber, where the manager may have access, but the safe has a lower chamber for change funds, etc., where a store lead may have access.

The light gray powdercoating not only resists rusting, but also allows for high contrast for your CCTV system, if you have a camera pointed at the safe. This is a top-notch safe, that will provide you years of security.


  • Truly B-Rate design (1/2" thick steel door with lock hardplate, 1/4" body)
  • Front Load (mailbox style) depository drop with anti-fish baffles
  • Two compartments with independently operated locks
  • Auto locking when door is closed
  • Proprietary boltworks, resistant to prying
  • 30" tall x 20" wide x 20" deep
  • 280 lbs
  • Gray powdercoated body, to resist rust
  • 4 anchor holes pre-drilled in the bottom
  • Includes concrete anchor bolts