Heavy Duty Inventory Safe, 2 doors (72"h x 48"w x 27"d)

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Inventory safes are used by companies that need to store large amounts of valuable items. This model is our largest version, and has two separate chambers that are independently controlled by their own lock. Each side has 5 reinforced steel shelves.

This safe employs our proprietary RazorEdge anti-pry system, which is very important on safes with large doors. The RazorEdge design provides almost 3/4" of weld-reinforced metal supporting huge 1-1/4" thick steel bolts, for the most pry resistant safe of its kind on the market.

The back of the safe is fully welded for increased rigidity and strength. The door of the safe has a feature built in where if the hinges are cut off, the door remains secure. The boltworks have a self-locking mechanism so that when the door is closed, the bolts lock automatically. The lock has a relocker mechanism, which will cause an internal pin to lock the boltworks if the lock is disturbed.

Each door on the safe can be paired with any type of industrial lock - mechanical dial, electronic, or key lock, and each door operates individually for better control over access.


Weight: 1,320 lbs

Body: 1/4" steel

Door: 1/2" steel

Shelves: 5 per side, 10 total

Anchor holes: 4